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AVG Anti Virus 8.0 Free Edition Download

Sekilas Info dari Anti Virus AVG

Informasi terbaru dar AVG Anti Virus, bahwa sejak April 24, 2008 telah dirilis AVG 8.0 dari versi sebelumnya 7.5 . ANti virus ini lebih komplet karena telah digabungkan antara Avg Antivirus dengan AVG Anti Spyware. Pada versi sebelumnya 7.5 masih perlu didownload Avg Anti Spyware so kurang efisien. Di versi 8.0 telah komplete.

Menurut data AVG beberapa virus yang telah di dideteksi seperti di bawah ini:

Threat Info

Propagation method of new Nuwar variant is still similar to its precedessors. Spammed mails with link in IP format directs users to the worm web pages where the users are prompted to download one of the worm files with the name funny.exe. Names of other downloadable files are kickme.exe and foolsday.exe. AVG detects this threat as I-Worm/Nuwar.R.
April 17, 2008


New Nuwar variant spreading method is similar to Nuwar.L last month propagation. Spammed emails are brief containing link in IP format to currently working pages with worm. Compromised page code is changed and as a result user is prompted to download file with worm. Downloaded filename is valentine.exe it’s about 110 – 130kB long and it’s detected by AVG as I-Worm/Nuwar.N.

February 12, 2008


We have a new wave of spammed mail messages containing link directing users to website where the worm could be downloaded. Emails contains short text and IP address of currently working pages with worm. In this case downloaded filename is withlove.exe and it’s about 115kB in size. Websites and worm files changes every few minutes. AVG detects withlove.exe as I-Worm/Nuwar.L.
January 15, 2008


A new Downloader.Tibs variant is spreading today thanks to massive spamming. Infected emails contains about 130-140kB long attachment, usually with name happy2008.exe, which is trojan horse itself. There are also emails with links directing users to a malicious web pages. The files are already detected as Downloader.Tibs.
December 25, 2007


In last few days we`ve registered a larger amount of PE files infected by this virus. Win32/Mabezat is polymorphic file infector which infects PE files. More information could be found in our Virus Encyclopedia.
November 14, 2007


Trojan Downloader.Agent.UZM
A new Trojan Downloader was spammed today. Trojan is attached in zip archive to emails in HTML format with subject “Hot game” and body text that claims some Angelina Jolie or Lara Croft undressing game. attachment contains xgame.exe (20992B) which drops executes and deletes kernel driver C:\WINDOWS\System32\drivers\runtime.sys and downloads another downloader smartdrv.exe. runtime.sys runs injects and hides Iexplore.exe process and downloads another components. xgame.exe is detected as Trojan Downloader.Agent.UZM, smartdrv.exe is detected as Trojan Downloader.Agent.UZN, runtime.sys is detected as Trojan Downloader.Agent.THW and other downloaded components are detected as several variants of Trojan Backdoor.Ntrootkit.
November 10, 2007


I-Worm/Stration downloader
Next Stration downloader variant spreads by email in messages with randomly generated subject and body with two attachments. PDF attachment is harmless but EXE attachment which is 18708B long is downloader itself and AVG detects it as I-Worm/Stration. More information about Stration worm familly can be found in the Virus Encyclopedia.
November 5, 2007


I-Worm/Stration downloader
Latest Stration downloader spreads by email in messages with randomly generated subject and body with one EXE and one PDF file attached. EXE file is 20992B in size and it`s downloader itself which is detected by AVG as I-Worm/Stration.FJA. The file downloader tryes to download is already detected as I-Worm/Stration. More information about Stration worm familly can be found in the Virus Encyclopedia.
November 1, 2007


Stration downloader
A new Stration downloader was seeded during todays morning using mail messages where subject and body are variable and which contains two attachments, one with pdf extension and second with exe extension which is 4096B in size and it`s downloader itself. AVG detect this threat as Trojan horse Downloader.Generic6.PFM. Downloader tryes to download and install Stration to affect system, but Stration download link is no longer active. More information about Stration worm familly can be found in the Virus Encyclopedia.
October 19, 2007
Soutce :

Bila Anda ingin download AVG Anti Virus versi 8.0 Free Edition bisa download disini:



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