Posted by: @gust Nasihin | March 19, 2008

Fruit Juice for Health

When some body very hard works every day, usualy forgeted time for sport and reflexing make body become stressed and very tired, and make work become slowly. But dont worry. any Scientist in the world that explain about fruit juice for health care, many kind of fruit caonsumed by people that will be positif impact. for example:
After work hard you can drink tomato juice, this fruit have positif for health, keep body always slim and beauty,protect your lip from injury and keep beauty,make strong muscle of capiler blood and make your mentaly strong from stress.
Protect your heart,and keep protection from free occidant by smoke if you are smoker man, better you drink this juice.anorher is have very much energy, when you are not eat meat or rice or when you are diet.
Pineapple, very much energy supply with natural sugar, vitamin c, keep your stomach care
Citrus Fruit,
Very much Vitamin C, Protection your body from stress, quickly tired, and keep lip beauty and also protected your body from negatif bactery.
Alpukat juice,
Very good for your body health, energy supplay,protection from stress and hard works
Very much natural water for keep you from dehidration and many actifity in out site room under the sun. or for you that many sport or actifity. Rhis juice make your body keep healt,enegy and protect from stess after hardwork.
Verygood for keep your health by vitamin A,C supply.
Very good for eye health and skin beauty, keep protected your mind from stress and tired when hardwork.
Keep your stomach health, supply vitamin A and C and keep your skin beauty.

Agust Nasihin


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