Posted by: @gust Nasihin | March 17, 2008

West and East understanding about terorist

        As we know about conflic about Religion specialy Islam on East and West understanding,now in one television channel have a good idea to connecting west people for example from America and from East Asia specialy from Indonesia last time i saw in MetroTV channel last time, is very good idea. In this conversation between leader comunity from different place in the world, to open their maind specialy about terorist. west opinion is terorist come from Islam that give legaly destruction actifity in the name of God. that opinion caused the Islam fanaticisme make one strong reason to make terror and easy to destroyed public facilities and kill many people. So they (west people) thinking about Islam identic as terorist. Islam is not god maner.
        Ya above opinion is come from West people that don’t know well about Islam, i tink Islam come to the world is hummanist happy for live in the world and the day after last day. Muhammad is person can not read, can not write when he have God Took first time until last took to Muhammad and now all writed in Al-Quran.
Al-Quran come for repair dzolim or bad community actifity that did longer time at Arabian people. But Islam not only for Arabian, for All people in the world to reach happines life after last life.
         Islam need that we are all people life in the worl any where can be life together with no conflict any more. So I think Islam not agree with President of USA Jorge W Bush that last time boming and destroy all infrastructure in Irak, with one reason to kill Sadam Husein. In that war thousand-bilion people die from Irak and America. this is one sample that any where after all country have freedom, have selft autority if still conflict and war always, no happy life, only stress any time, no place safe eventhought in slft country.
So from now and after Islam communication from West comunity and East Comunity is neccessary for peace and happy life together by make good understanding in two way communication.
No WAR!…Just lets build and keep beauthy the world and we are happy together…
We hope….for GOD
Agust nasihin


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