Posted by: @gust Nasihin | March 13, 2008

Positif thinking and Success

Positif thinking will make some body not look stress, even thought the problem are soo many. Everybody have proble or private matter so if you have big ptoblr or big private matter, dont’ worry!,because averybody also have, so you not lonely in the world. The first you have to do is positif thinking about anythink than you can think next what you will do. And always believe you will do right think that can build your independen mindset,that make you will be have good performance in every think you do, and any one else will look you success man, because you have success mindset.

The Second think is after you build your self of mind to get success, to get rigth think, to get better life, to get life full motivation, you can look life is good think. Life is good callengging that make by The God for you !, so what you see in the world can be good learning, caesed life is learning that always change every time, like whell some time you run in under the grass and next time you in above. When you run in under the grass, dont you pesimistic and when you stand on above you don’t forget about your self, so you can stand on endependend and success.

 Three, After you can handle your mind and handle your self to do, you will be man with new born, with new spirit on life, than you are SUCCESS!.caused success is your mindset (like Jennie.S Bev book on The Big Secret of Success ). Now you can reach your dream, your new life, new family, new friend,new wolrd.

Four, yesterday you sad, life is boring!, world is dirty, averythink look BAD and oggly, Now you can say Life is Good!, Life is callengging!,life is future, life is The God Gift for Success Man, Rihgt You!.

Success, and Good Luck

Agust Nasihin


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