Posted by: @gust Nasihin | March 5, 2008

Life Motivaton

Every morning the sun always coming.
That mind any new life will be coming
That mind any people will born to the world
That mind any hope people can be reach 

Any Success will be reach
Succses is only self minsed
Mindset your self to get easy life
Easy life can be reach by dificulty life before

Dificult life just test for you to survive
when you pass the test
you be come new person
new person with new support life

Make Life simple
don”t make dificult,BUT
if your life become dificult?
come to book store, buy motivation life book

Read slowly and you will find new motivation
thinking about easy style.
practice life style
Enjoy your self.

Come to Motivator life near you!
learn about life experience.
Ask to your grand father, what hapen along his life.
what he did to survive his life come old man

If you already married, and have child
you are success people.
so you must thanks God

If you in war land area, or you are soldier
give another motivation also
that life be continue

move to another world if you not like with
where you life now.
there are many area that give you
new spirit, and motivation

close your room and put off your lamp
Thinking the GOD
and God will come
to talk with you
and give you success life.

Don”t crack your hope and dream
believe it, dream come true.
love will come true.
life come true.


@gust Nasihin


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