Posted by: @gust Nasihin | March 5, 2008

Bad Life and Good Life

This is old question, but until now still many people do not have right jobs, why?
are there any skill?, answer is yes!.
are there any time?, yes!
are there any health?, yes!
are there any friend and connection?. yes!
so what?
Case one:
Some people don’t need works because keep their ego! ego is some image protection in negatife impact for self and other people. This people do’nt want another people intruct to do some think, even though they will receive income. This people like this do notwant joint with company that have many jobs, but they still need money. so the people washing time just for enjoy with no activity but stree in their mine no have money in their pocked so the people indicated to be bad people in the community. make some teror for other people to save their life. This people will no good place in human right community.
Case Two:
Some people don’t want joint with the comunity actifity, the people only need he still a life, even thought he have skill for get right jobs. The people like this usualy life in big city but no house and just sleep on under the bay pas bridge or bad places. The story from that i know from Oprah Winfrei Sow in the TV channel. Some rise man from film crue, give test to the people that no jobs, no money , only sleep under the bridge in the big city, with US $100,000; on the bag that put on beside the people. The film man just need to know what hapen after the people receive money on the bag and no body have?
The people so sure very happy have big money, but what hapen is not like right comunity need.
The poor man, now suddenly be rise man, straightly buy big car or truct with the expensive price US $ 60,000; and tha he go to some people or previuous friend and give them much money. just for drinking or hapy-hapy wishing time.
Th poor man no need buy house and buy small  shop for works after, cause the money not so long time will be lost. This prediction is already explain by film man used some body to help planning the poor man life, done!. But the poor man not accept and with the egoysme that he have. Even thougt the poor man family already give some tooking about this matter. and result is no action. The poor man on the finised story be coming poor again after he receif much money. Until some day he invited by Oprah Winfrei Show to explain about him self why he did like this?
And the poor man just said that he don’t want like usualy people life in the comunity, he no need goverment help. he just stay life, put garbage and he still life, even thought he sleep under the bridge forever.
Ya, No comment for this people in case two.
Case Three.
Some people works with their skill but not enought spiritualy knowledge, the people are easy stressing and keep matter for self. No communication and no share anything, so what will hapen?
The people kill her or him self.
Many paper  or television have news like this every day, very bad choice isn’t it?

So what we will do,  if we have good thinking for save the bad comunity people?
In this time I just give some tips for people above story.
First, Give them life motivation. the best life motivatons coming from own self, some climacs dificult life will be make best motivation for safe the life.
Two, Come to the book store, buy or read the book motivation life fsicologys. read slowly and keep in mine to coming back on the life, when life become bad.
Three, Com to meet the motivator person, may be after see, or meet whit them and receipt the motivation tooking will make caming back some people when stress in mine and have some bangrucptly on the life.
Four, Coming to praying place for get new inspration life.
Five, Coming to enjoy place and get new inspiration and motivation.

Good luck!

Agust Nasihin


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